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Every brand has a story. Everyone who starts a business has a why. The person who started the company has a story to tell and that story is what brings customers to that business. Sweetgrass Roots was started to help businesses tell the story by bringing the owners into the light more. We want to weave who you are into your brand.
At Sweetgrass Roots we believe in the story. The story is what drives the traffic to you, the story is what inspires people to be lifelong customers, the story is what people are drawn too. We want to be able to help you with that story. You can find us along the East Coast with a base in Atlanta, GA and Charleston,SC…..hence the name Sweetgrass Roots.

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The Owner

4 Years ago my husband and I started this journey of helping people…everyday real people with their branding. I did the logos and the photography while my husband worked his magic with their websites and social media marketing. Sadly my husband passed away in January of 2016. After taking some time off I decided to continue to help people with their business. I wanted to have our platform continued in a way that would honor him. As I continue the legacy of helping business owners I want to make sure that you see a little of me in Sweetgrass Roots. The name Sweetgrass Roots comes from my hometown of Charleston,SC. In Charleston we are known for our Sweetgrass baskets. The way that each basket maker weaves the baskets together tells a story. We want to weave you into your brand so that your story has a little bit of you in it. I hope to continue to help business owners weave together their brand. My team and I are ready to help you!

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